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An excellent Viral Marketing Presentation

The power of viral marketing has been discussed in the post “Viral Marketing: A powerful but free marketing tactic.” Here comes one good example of how you can use public domain material to create powerful presentation for viral marketing. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Viral Marketing: A powerful but free marketing tactic

If you don’t know what viral marketing is, take a look at the definition at According to, the term viral advertising (or marketing) refers to “the idea that people will pass on and share interesting and entertaining content; … Continue reading

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Tool: Have your affiliate links automatically inserted in your content site's webpage

I was always dreaming of a new tool that can automatically covert your content site’s keywords into hyperlinks that point to your selected affiliate sites’ product. In this way, you can easily build a new source of affiliate income on … Continue reading

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Seo – What is it and Why We Have to Target it in Web Business

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a consistent plan of building your website to achieve higher ranking in particular sets of keywords and phrases in a search engine’s search results. Why do we need to know about this? Because the … Continue reading

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SEO – one important trick you need to know in natual search engine tactics

Take a look at this video talking about how you can ease your pain of ranking higher in Search Engine by one tactic revealed there. Have you got that? If not, subscribe to my newsletter to know the answer… … Continue reading

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SEO Analysis: Keyword Frequency in your Web Content

In On-Page Optimization, we use keyword density to track the performance of a particular keyword (or a series of words forming keyword phrase). Keyword density is expressed as a percentage of that keyword (or keyword phrase) out of the total … Continue reading

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