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Natural Language in Search Engines

There are new search engines coming out every day using different algorithms to serve web surfers. Among them, a new breed of search engines is emerging, using so-called “natural language inputs” to activate searches. The latest one noted is a … Continue reading

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Make your RSS Feed Popular using Feedburner

If you run a blog or other type of website using content management software like I do, chances are you are using RSS to syndicate your updated data for your site visitors. In the past, you’ve probably had a hard … Continue reading

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The Importance of "Keywords" in Internet marketing

The term keyword has become very popular in the world of Internet marketing. But what exactly is a keyword? At least in the Internet marketing context, the term refers to the words, phrases, or even sentences that you use on … Continue reading

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Conversion Rate: Measurements and Notable Factors

In Internet marketing, conversion rate refers to the ratio of the number of visitors completing a certain action at your website (such as subscribing to your e-newsletter or purchasing products you promote on the web) to visitors who visit without … Continue reading

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Evil Viral Marketing?

The other day I revisited a book by Mark Joyner titled The Irresistible Offer which talks about how to create product how Mark had impressed me by bringing to life a vivid discussion about an important marketing technique – Viral … Continue reading

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How to Use Google AdWords Properly

As I’ve mentioned in my recent post on Google’s first quarter result in 2008, Google is making changes to its AdWords algorithms to combat click arbitrage and the existence of advertising pages of poor content quality. As a result of … Continue reading

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