Damen Choy – Lead Trainer and Consultant

Damen Choy - Lead Trainer and Consulting Manager

Damen is the Lead Trainer and Consulting Manager of JDC Associates Ltd, a company focusing to bring the best management support and training to various organizations engaging in eCommerce and Internet marketing operations.

Damen holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Prior to running his own businesses, he was involved in the sales, marketing, and training of IT products in Hong Kong and China.

Damen has trained and advise a lot of corporations in their eCommerce, social media and IT strategies. The recent ones include Chartis Insurance Group, Comely Creations Ltd, Dr. Kong, Gold Coast Hotels Group, iDelivery, Marriott Hotels Group, Links Child Development Ltd, Kidnetics, Uniserve Expert Language Trainer Ltd, etc.

Damen’s specialties are in these areas:

  • Search Engine Optimizations
  • eMail Marketing Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing Management
  • Keyword Research Methodologies
  • Website Setup and Hosting Support
  • Shopping Cart and Online Payment Setup
  • Internet Security and Web Applications Security

Damen has been teaching in the SCS of The Chinese University of Hong Kong for more than 10 years. In particular, he has taught more than 1000 students in the Internet Marketing and eCommerce subjects. The students were from a lot of different backgrounds including business owners, CEOs , CIOs, COOs, marketing professionals, business analysts, sales management people, etc.

Damen has written a lot of publications about Internet Marketing. You can download a few of them here:

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Damen L.C. Choy

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