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Is Yahoo! a Sinking Ship?

Yahoo! declared to lay off 600 people… sounds a lot. It is about 5% of its total workforce. What has happened to Yahoo? In the past, we discussed already how Yahoo has been hard hit by Google for the past … Continue reading

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Keywords Research: How To Do It (Correctly!)

I have many ghostwriters helping me write website articles. I have always believed that building good content for your online presence is the lifeblood of successful Internet Marketing. One of the key items on my training agenda for these ghostwriters … Continue reading

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Online Readers: What are they actually looking at when they visit a website?

This article combines two reports written by my students after going over the Standard/Poynter Eye-Tracking Project’s results posted here: Stanford/Poynter Eye-Tracking Project In 2000, Marion Lewenstein (Professor of Communication, at Stanford University) and the Poynter Institute researchers initiated the … Continue reading

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Google: Smart company that beats analysts’ expectations again

Google once again demonstrates its exceptionally innovative power, as we have discussed in other posts, by stunning analysts with its greater-than-expected 30% increase in its first quarter report. Google’s share price in after-hour trading jumped 17% to 525.96 last Thursday … Continue reading

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SEO and Applied Semantics — The Future Trend of Calculating the Keyword Density of a Webpage

When people talk about keyword density in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they usually limit themselves to saying, “use the exact the same keyword throughout your web copy to stress the related keywords”. And the general rule is: the more repetitive … Continue reading

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Adsense's split testing – official guide from Google

It violates the terms of use of Google AdSense program if you try to manipulate their Adsense scripts embedded in your site. However, there is an official guide from Google telling you how to do the split testing without violating … Continue reading

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Make your website earn as much advertising dollars as possible – here is one way

Webmasters are trying their best to put up Google’s Adsense advertisements on their website and make people click on any one of them to earn Adsense dollars. Here is a very good demonstration. You can see how clever they setup … Continue reading

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