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To SEO or To PPC?

To SEO or to PPC? That is the question . . . In today’s ever-growing online marketplace, with companies constantly jockeying for top position to grab the attention of potential customers, two different methods of promoting websites have emerged: SEO … Continue reading

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Google: Smart company that beats analysts’ expectations again

Google once again demonstrates its exceptionally innovative power, as we have discussed in other posts, by stunning analysts with its greater-than-expected 30% increase in its first quarter report. Google’s share price in after-hour trading jumped 17% to 525.96 last Thursday … Continue reading

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Microsoft Acquires Yahoo! – A good strategy?

Microsoft sent out the warning message this Monday to Yahoo’s board of directors, reasserting its proposal to acquire Yahoo!, and citing a deadline of three weeks for Yahoo’s consideration of the proposal. Many people regard this as a bold move … Continue reading

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Google's Official Guide to Keyword Selection in Pay-Per-Click Advertisment – Google Adwords

Today I reviewed what has been published two years ago about how to select and implement the keywords strategies in using Google Adwords program. I think this guide is still worth to take a look. It is available at The … Continue reading

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