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Free Seminar about Web and Mobile Apps Usability – 3 May 2012

Do you have these questions in mind when you are looking at your websites? Where should I place the “Add to Cart” button to increase the sales? Why do people not click on the link I placed at the top … Continue reading

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Keywords Research: How To Do It (Correctly!)

I have many ghostwriters helping me write website articles. I have always believed that building good content for your online presence is the lifeblood of successful Internet Marketing. One of the key items on my training agenda for these ghostwriters … Continue reading

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Tagging and Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking phenomenon emerged several years ago as the trendy habit of people using free social bookmarking sites to categorize and manage their favorite webpages. Traditionally, we resorted to the search engine’s internal classification system to handle your website’s … Continue reading

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Better than Google Toolbar?

Aside from my previous posts about two indispensable toolbars: I have just installed a new toolbar that provides a lot of turbo-charged features to aid in my website analysis work. This toolbar can return the following useful information … Continue reading

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Google Toolbar Now Becomes Portable

I have noticed that Google has just released its Toolbar 5 BETA . In case you don’t know what a Google Toolbar is, it’s a function bar added to your browser (IE or Firefox) to make browsing the web more … Continue reading

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The Importance of "Keywords" in Internet marketing

The term keyword has become very popular in the world of Internet marketing. But what exactly is a keyword? At least in the Internet marketing context, the term refers to the words, phrases, or even sentences that you use on … Continue reading

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To SEO or To PPC?

To SEO or to PPC? That is the question . . . In today’s ever-growing online marketplace, with companies constantly jockeying for top position to grab the attention of potential customers, two different methods of promoting websites have emerged: SEO … Continue reading

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SEO and Applied Semantics — The Future Trend of Calculating the Keyword Density of a Webpage

When people talk about keyword density in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they usually limit themselves to saying, “use the exact the same keyword throughout your web copy to stress the related keywords”. And the general rule is: the more repetitive … Continue reading

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Seo – What is it and Why We Have to Target it in Web Business

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a consistent plan of building your website to achieve higher ranking in particular sets of keywords and phrases in a search engine’s search results. Why do we need to know about this? Because the … Continue reading

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SEO – one important trick you need to know in natual search engine tactics

Take a look at this video talking about how you can ease your pain of ranking higher in Search Engine by one tactic revealed there. Have you got that? If not, subscribe to my newsletter to know the answer… … Continue reading

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