A good marketing method for you to consider

I have to confess, there is one marketing method I have not talked much and it works. Guess what? It is mass faxing.

I seldom talked about this as this is not online marketing method but it works. My companies have been doing this for ten years and we generated about 30 to 40% of our business using this method alone.

We have just helped a few companies last year doing this and the results are good. And that is why I am thing to open this service to my students.

So think about this:
If you are targeting local Hong Kong customers and you find other ways of promotion are quite expensive (direct mailing, pay-per-click, etc.) and you don’t have a good customer database to promote your business, perhaps faxing can help.

We have a database of more than 60,000 fax numbers that we can help broadcasting your message to them. Think about this, if just one percent of them become your customers, you will gain 600 customers in this process.

Of course, it depends on the product type, the promotion message, etc. that I need to discuss with you to see if we should go for mass faxing.

So talk to me now using this link: