Build your mailing list by Squeeze Page : Here is how

The common mantra that most other Internet Marketers follow is “The money is in the list.”

Without the list, you miss an important tool to carry out “push marketing” strategy. The strategy you use to actively promote your product/services.

One of the way to build your opt-in email list is by setting up the Squeeze Page in your website. There are two types of Squeeze page:

The Gift Page

On this page you are going to offer your prospect a gift to join your mailing list/newsletter. You will give them a free ecourse, ebook, software, service or script in order to capture their name & email address. They have to provide it to be able to download your gift to them. It is a trade off. They get your gift, & you get their email address. Once you get their email address, then it is up to you to provide them with useful information & get them to remain a member of your list. You will have those who sign up & immediately unsubscribe after they receive your gift. But you will wind up with a higher percentage who stay subscribed for an issue or two, just to see what you have to offer. That is when the ball is in your court. You got them, now it is up to you to keep them.

The Benefits Page

On this type of page you will sell the benefits of being a subscriber to your newsletter. This is where it is up to you to tell them exactly what they will receive by being a member of your list. This is also where you will have to sell yourself. Here is what you are going to have to tell your prospect:

  • What can you provide to your reader?
  • Why should they listen to you?

On this type of page you are going to really have to sell. And I mean really sell yourself & your benefits. This is the hardest type of page to produce. BUT, at the same time, they produce the best kind of prospects for you.

The best of all is to mix these two strategies together in your Squeeze Page.

Best eMail Marketing,