Increase your Dropbox storage by 3GB by uploading photos

How to increase your Dropbox Storage by 3GB


I have been using Dropbox for years and I still love it. It can automatically synchronize your Desktop files among unlimited number of PCs under one single Dropbox account. And the file sizes uploaded and stored in the cloud storage is unlimited (not like some other services that the file size of your files uploaded to the cloud storage is limited). It also allows you to upload, download and view your files using smartphone apps on an IOS or Android platform.

However, Dropbox offers only initial 2GB storage size for its free service. That is too bad, isn’t it?

Now Dropbox offers a very generous way to add to your storage by an extra 3GB by testing beta versions of their Mac and Windows desktop applications including a new way to put all the photos and videos you take in your Dropbox called Camera Upload.

First if you have not yet registered a Dropbox account, do so using this link to get an extra 250MB of Dropbox storage (total 2.25GB)

Then download their latest beta software for your PC/Mac/Linux here:

Mac OS X:
Linux x86_64:
Linux x86:

Install the software in your desktop computer. Set it up to link to your Dropbox account by following the installation instructions.

Once done, get ready photo files that add up to 3GB size. Transfer them to the newly created folder under your Dropbox folder named Camera Uploads

Note that Dropbox will now synchronize all your photo files to your cloud storage on Dropbox. Whenever your uploaded photos hit extra 500MB mark of photo size, your storage will be increased by 500MB, until you have reached a total of 3GB.

Dropbox Storage Increased
Get extra storage for your Dropbox account

Note it takes time to upload a total of 3GB of photos. It took me more than 8 hours to do so even on broadband connection.


  1. Once you get this done with the extra storage, you can delete the photos on your Dropbox account. There is no need for you to keep them. So you can use the extra 3GB of storage to store any other files you want
  2. Actually, If you use Dropbox mobile apps on your smartphone, it should already be updated with the latest Dropbox software with Camera Upload capability. If you enable this feature in your apps, you can enjoy the same increase in storage by continuously uploading photo files from your phone to Dropbox’s Camera Uploads folder on your cloud storage. However, it takes longer time to upload 3GB of photos by your phone than a desktop computer and it also depends on whether you have 3GB of photos on your phone to be uploaded.