Graphic or Text? Which one is more important in your webpage layout?

A study held by Stanford University and Poynter Institute confirmed that text is the preferred “entry point” of a webpage for web surfers.

Is it surprising? It may be as many people regard graphic should be more visually appealing than text to normal web surfers.

I’m not surprised, however. Why? There is a much larger experiment on earth that confirms the finding in this research. It is the Google Adwords program.

When Google first launched its Google Adwords program, there was an intense internal debate whether it should go for the format of banner-based advertisement or text-based advertisement. Though with much uncertainty, it decided to go for the text-based one.

And the rest is history. Google becomes the number one online advertising company. Web users are attracted to click on the text-based advertisement showing at the right hand side of the search result page that helps boosting Google’s online revenue. As a frequent web surfer and Google’s search user, I click on those advertisements many times where I’ve found interesting or useful and I guess you have done similar thing as me.

So it confirms that “text” is more important than graphics in your webpage.

Would that conclude Banner Advertisement “dead” in the present finding? Unlikely if you read carefully the research results of the Stanford’s study: Here is the link: