How to Use Google AdWords Properly

As I’ve mentioned in my recent post on Google’s first quarter result in 2008, Google is making changes to its AdWords algorithms to combat click arbitrage and the existence of advertising pages of poor content quality. As a result of these new policies, many of AdWords customers are dropping out of AdWords.

Some people call this “Google Slap.”

At first, these changes sound like a bad news for advertisers. But, as always, there is a positive and a negative side to every story. If you look a little deeper, the positive side is that if you know how to manage the Adwords program properly following the new rules, the chances are that you can achieve the same level of traffic as before the changes, but
with a smaller advertising cost.


Basically, this benefit rests on two main techniques:

  • Build a quality landing page for your AdWords Program, with content highly relevant to the keywords used in your AdWords account.
  • Whenever possible, use keywords for more “niche” sub-categories refined from your niche group. For example, if you are selling shoes, go for sub-categories such as sports shoes, dancing shoes, etc. You should try to make your keywords even more niche by targeting keywords such as “leather dancing shoes”or “marathon sports shoes.” The more niche your keyword is, the less the per-click cost you need to pay for your targeted keywords.

The main idea is to produce much more focused content, and then promote it using Google Adwords with highly focused keywords. Google will reward you by charging you a lower per-click cost.

Ryan Deiss has introduced a successful method for mastering this technique. You can visit his website to watch the video for his techniques here:

Tip: I went straight to get the written report because I don’t have the patience to watch the video. You can get the same idea by watching the video or reading the report. It’s your call.

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