Love and Belonging is the fundamental need of people. When you do marketing, you have to take care of this need.

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The Previous Question:

People like to follow trends and own the newest stuff on the market if they think that many other people do those new things or own that new stuff. They want to be part of a crowd, doing the “in” thing, having the “in” stuff. Is this then an example that need is created by products?

The Answer:

The reality is that people have an underlying need to be like others, not to stand out from the crowd. This need is not directly related to the product itself. It’s because they are afraid being isolated from people. They’re afraid that they won’t be part of “in” crowd if they don’t own certain things or follow certain trends. And that is the reason they want things most other people want. They want to ride the trend.

This is one of the fundamental needs – Love/Belonging – that comes after a person’s physiological and safety needs are met, as outlined in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model.

So again, this explains how the product and the related marketing promotional activities cannot create a need in people. You must first uncover the underlying need in people and then satisfy that need with your product.

The Number One Rule of Marketing – Find Out What People Want And Satisfy That Desire.

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