Online Business Venture – How to start? Here is the roadmap


1.    Find out a niche
a.    Look for popular topics in web. How?

i.  Google Trend
ii.    Visit,, for popular items, sections
iii.    Keyword Research

2.    Start a website

a.    Register a domain
b.    Find a web hosting service (or host the server yourself?)
c.    Build a website

i.    Consider some web hosting company’s help to setup the website
ii.    Or consider using WordPress or Joomla (For Free) by yourself.
iii.    Setup Web submission mechanism like Google Webmasters
iv.    Setup web traffic analysis device like Google Analytics

d.    Put up your products
e.    Test Payment System (if any)

i.    Use Paypal? Or Payment Gateway?

3.    Initial SEO and Traffic Generation

a.    Setup email marketing campaign

i.    Prepare some gifts to attract customers to subscribe
ii.    Setup email capturing facility on a website
iii.    Setup email auto-responder messages

b.    Use Google Adwords or Yahoo! Advertising System to drive customers to your site for testing

i.    To test “Conversion”

1.    Conversion to subscribe your newsletter
2.    Conversion to “buy” your products

c.    Put up some “keyword optimized” articles on your website

i.    Why? To attract Traffic (SEO)

d.    Carry out article marketing work (SEO & Traffic Generation)

i.    Submit “keyword optimized” articles to article directories

e.    Consider building Web 2.0 authority pages (SEO &Traffic Generation)

Site Maintenance and Traffic Generation Stages:

  • Review Traffic Statistics on Google Analytics
  • Put on more “keyword optimized” articles on your website
  • Submit more “keyword optimized” articles to article directories
  • Create more “authority pages” on Web 2.0 sites
  • Consider joint promotion with other email list owners of similar niches (to build bigger email list)
  • Submit to web directories like (SEO)
  • Write messages on forums related to your niches
  • Consider some Viral Marketing Activities?
  • Create e-Books and Videos. Take chance to distribute them in forums, e-book directory or even Facebook or twitter
  • Look for joint venture partners to put up advertising messages on other websites (paid or exchanged)
  • Start a Facebook Page
  • Optimize your site by putting more images, videos
  • eBay Marketing?