Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Do it or not?

Our clients approach us usually with this question at the first time: How to do SEO?

Our response is always: Why do you want SEO?

Google has started a great revamp of its ranking algorithm code named Panda Update in 2011. And the update is still on-going. Talk to us for more details

SEO is all about building excellent contents and partnerships with a lot of websites coherent with your theme. This is a daunting but rewarding process. But bear in mind for the following points

1) Search Engines don’t like you to build your website with SEO in mind. Search Engine only wants good content from you. With this, they will be able to decide if they will show your website in the first page of their search engine result page (SERP). So build your website with content (not SEO!)

2) If you website’s traffic generation is solely based on SEO’s tactics, you are at a risky business model. Imagine for the next morning, Google, Yahoo or Bing have changed their ranking¬†algorithm¬†(as they always do), your website will be shifted out of the first page results of the keywords you targeted. Would you be totally wiped out of your business because of this? You are running on business based on something you cannot control. That is why we need social media and email marketing tactics to help rather than solely on SEO

3) Search Engines’ ranking algorithm changes every day and you have to be prepared for adapting to the latest techniques to maximize your advantages over other competing websites.

4) With the targeted keywords you aim to rank high in Search Engine Result Page (SERP), you are competing with the whole world of smartest webmasters for the few positions in the first page of SERP, are you sure you are going to beat them?

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