Seo – What is it and Why We Have to Target it in Web Business

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a consistent plan of building your website to achieve higher ranking in particular sets of keywords and phrases in a search engine’s search results.

Why do we need to know about this? Because the result pages of a search engine can bring you a lot of targeted visitors who can be easily converted into your customers. And this method of bringing in new customers is free!

Why are they highly targeted customers? Because they have found your site by searching for a particular keyword or phrase. If that keyword or phrase is related to the theme of your web business, chances are they are very likely interested in knowing more about you and your services. Therefore, they are more easily converted into your customers.

When I say “. . .a consistent plan of building your web site. . .”, I mean that you have to follow a structured process of using on-site and off-site optimization strategies for a considerable period of time before you will see the results. You have to stick to a plan and work it until you see the positive outcomes. And it’s not going to happen overnight. This is one of the pains of doing SEO. At the beginning, you’ll find that you have invested a lot of time, effort and money without seeing any immediate reward. It can be frustrating.

There are two classes of SEO strategies:  Black-Hat SEO and White-Hat SEO.

Black-Hat SEO refers to the short-term tactics that target consumers, like auto-content generation and automatic inbound link building, to trick the search engines to believe that the relative importance of your site is equal or higher than others with the same theme as yours.

This used to work quite effectively in the past. From time to time, you’d hear people shouting in the market, trying to sell you information on how to do a particular trick where you can see immediate search engine ranking improvement. Those days are gone! Search engines are smarter now. You’ll soon see your efforts of using Black-Hat SEO vanish. And worst of all, search engines can ban those sites that they consider spamming the search engines using the Black-Hat SEO.

White-Hat SEO promotes the idea of using a legitimate site building philosophy – building your website with highly targeted, content-rich information. In fact, most successful search engine experts that can stand the time in the market agree that this is the ultimate strategy in SEO. It’s just that most people do not have the patience to wait it out. They prefer Black-Hat SEO because they can see the results fast and it seems easy to do. But they forget the risks that they run. Their entire web site could get delisted from search engines if they are got caught using the Black-Hat SEO technique.

Strategies, like natural link building (off-site optimization) and structuring your site with rich keyword targeted site content (on-site optimization), etc., are all you need to do consistently to be successful with White-Hat SEO.

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