Web and Mobile Usability Seminar Video Recording- 3 May 2012

Web and Mobile UsabilityDo you have these questions in mind when you are looking at your websites?

  1. Where should I place the “Add to Cart” button to increase the sales?
  2. Why do people not click on the link I placed at the top of my website? Where should I put it?
  3. Would my visitors easily reach the promotion page I have just added to my website? How should I instruct them to reach it on my home page?
  4. Is my website considered easy to use? How should I increase the usefulness of it by redesigning the home page?

These questions all belong to the area of Usability Study.

We are delighted to have invited a speaker Alice Lo from Seattle, USA to come to speak for us on 3 May 2012 for this topic and here comes the recording made that evening.

Alice graduated from the Human Computer Interaction program at the University of Michigan.

She has been working as a user experience researcher and designer for nearly 10 years. The usability research she conducted included products as diverse as real estate search maps and 10-foot interface.

Alice also worked with multidisciplinary teams in various size organizations, including Microsoft and Amazon, to deliver thoughtful, useful and performance-effective user experience.

In this 2-hour seminar, Alice introduced the benefits of usability research for all kinds of user interfaces, such as e-commerce websites and mobile applications.

Using case studies, we have discussed the practical values of usability research, including how direct user studies had helped Amazon increased tens of thousands of revenue. Common user research methods and sample usability results were also covered.

Take special note to the 2nd part of the recording about the Q&A of the Usability Topics. That will also help you understand more about the applications of Web and Mobile Apps Usability to help increase your website’s ROI.

If you are:

  • Webmasters who are engaging in daily operations of your websites
  • Business owners who want to optimize their websites’ business performance
  • Marketing professionals who want to improve their online marketing effort’s ROI

You should not miss this recording.

Part I – Main Speech – By Alice Lo



Part II – Q & A Section




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