eBay Digital Products Sellers: Solution for the eBay Ban

A few months ago eBay banned the auction of digital products, affecting the livelihood of many sellers who relied on selling digital product on its platform. Numerous forums and news articles explained the reasons behind eBay’s decision to enact this policy. The main idea is that digital products allow the sellers to repeatedly list the same product over and over, and that affects the effectiveness of other listings for non-digital product sellers. The ban also helps to avoid the potential problem of manipulating the feedback system by buyers and sellers involved in digital product transactions.Check out this link for the official eBay message about this policy:


In my view, perhaps this is good for those who resell other people’s digital products. In the past, you can easily find a lot of eBayers selling the same products you have gotten from the marketplace at incredibly cheap prices. You can now resell your products with less competition as this big marketplace no longer supports the selling of digital products.

So how about those who were selling digital products before in eBay? I’ve compiled several solutions here:

  • Use the Classified Ads as the alternative marketplace. However, you are no longer able to host auctions for your digital products there. Check out the information here: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/f-ad.html
  • Instead of selling the digital products in eBay, use the “About Me” page to refer customers to your website selling your digital products there. However, you have to be very careful not to violate the eBay policy regarding the “About Me” page. For this tactic, you should refer to a very good book on the topic: http://tinyurl.com/3kv7ta
  • Search for a fulfillment house that can help you ship a physical CD/DVD containing your software to your designated customers. There is one called Kunaki.com. Search on the marketplace for the “CD/DVD Automator” script created by Dave Vallieres for the automatic hop-up XML service with this fulfillment house. Dave’s product is now being marketed by a number of resellers. Check and find a good one on the net.

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