RSS to Email – The new generation of email marketing for online merchants

If you have been promoting online your business using email, you must have heard of using RSS to communicate to your subscribers instead. It is because of the rapidly expanding number of spam emails received by Internet users every day and this greatly diminishes the chance your emails reaching the targeted customers’ email boxes.

I have beeing trying to put RSS on my sites for two years and I think it is great and it does increase the page rank of many of my sites. However, I cannot conclude RSS can replace emails because I have noticed People do read emails every day but they do not use RSS every day. Though there are lot of free RSS Desktop Softwares available online and people can download and install those softwares easily.

But the habit of consistently reading RSS cannot be found among most of the Internet users. Disappointing !

Now there is a work-around solution. It is using the readers’ email system to read your RSS feed’s content.

The steps are:

1) Your put up your site with RSS feed to your site’s content. Many softwares and Content Management Softwares (CMS) can help building this for you

2) Instead of asking your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, ask them to subscribe to your RSS feed using RSS to email service like this one. This service is free.

Your visitors are now coverted to your subscribers. They’ll receive emails whenever there is change of your site contents. They can even set up reading the update at their own pace – the options are- instantly, every day, every week, etc.

And more importantly, there is no need to worry about any specific words or headlines in your messages that can trigger the spam filters of your subscribers because you are now NOT relying on your own email setup to spread messages. Instead, you use the RSS to email service to spread the messages for you.

See if this works for you and let me know.

Best eMail Marketing,