Autoresponder: A marketing tool you use to covert your visitors into customers

Autoresponder should be used in your day-to-day online marketing activities. It helps to convert a stranger who comes to your website for information into your loyal customers. How and Why?

Autoresponders works in the underlying theory that trust could be built between two strangers if they start to communicate. The trust tends to be accumulated every time you approach your potential customers and give them more information about yourself, your product, your services or your opinion on something you two have shared interest.

Once there is trust, you can start your process of converting them into your paying customers. And this is a demonstration of the simple theory of converting a stranger in Internet into your revenue-generating customer.

So theoretically you can send them several self-written messages yourself once you have acquired a customer contact (by opt-in marketing techniques in mailing list management. Refer to another post Use Squeeze Page to get subscribers). You can do this manually by sending them email messages day by day after they have opt-in your email list.

But this process could be tremendously tedious if you have many new customers everyday. (Imagine if you have several lists that capture hundreds of customers everyday, can you send each of them a personal message the first day and days after?). This is the reason we need autoresponder.
It works by automatically sending a daily message (or in whatever interval you decide) to each of your new customer by a pre-written series of messages. In this way, your new customers experience an illusion that you personally send each of them a follow up message every day. And hence the process of conversion can be done automatically without you lifting your own finger.

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There are free services available in Internet for autoresponder. Here are just two examples:

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